Click on the Louisiana Wholesale Florists (LWFI) Email Order Form link, then choose OPEN to download the form to your computer.
Fill out the order form and then go to FILE/SAVE AS and save it to your computer (in a file or to your desktop).
Next fill in your name, phone number, and city information below.  Click on the UPLOAD button.  A new screen will open  asking you to BROWSE for the file you want to attach.  Click on BROWSE button and go to the location on your computer where you saved the LWFI Email Order form.  Select that document and then click on OPEN to select that file.   The file location will appear in the FILE SOURCE NAME FIELD, click the UPLOAD button to attach the file.
Next, enter the letters and numbers as shown in the image below your name, phone number, and city information.  Click the SUBMIT button to complete the process.  Your order will be sent to the store location nearest you.  If we have any questions about your order, we will give you a call.

Please compelte the form below and use the "Upload" to attach your order.
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